Annual Joint Conference with the PLA Academy of Military Science

Since 2008, ISDP has jointly organized an international conference together with its partners at the PLA Academy of Military Science. These conferences, alternately hosted in both Stockholm and China, have proven a crucial platform for high-level exchange and deliberation between Chinese and European policy officials.

Currently, preparations are under way for the ninth conference in this series. It will be held in Stockholm in May 2016 on the topic “Cyber Security: identifying threats and charting a common defense”. To date, conferences have covered the following list of topics:

  • 2015, Beijing: “”The Islamic State” and the Situation in the Middle East”
  • 2014, Stockholm: “Military Operations Overseas in Peacetime”
  • 2013, Beijing: “Security and Development in Afghanistan After 2014”
  • 2012, Stockholm: “Crisis Management”
  • 2011, Bejing, “The Situation in West Asia and North Africa and its Impact on the International Strategic Configuration”
  • 2010, Stockholm: “A New Strategic Landscape: Changes, Challenges and Consequences”
  • 2009, Beijing: “The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the International Strategic Configuration”
  • 2008, Xianghe, Hebei Province: “Military Reform: Practice and Lessons”