A Changing Security Situation – Effects on the East Asian Business & Investment Climate

ISDP FORUM with Mr. Tanaka Hitoshi

Chairman, Institute for International Strategy, the Japan Research Institute, Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan

Comments by Dr. Lars Vargö, Distinguished Fellow, ISDP, and Kristina Sandklef, Independent China Expert

Monday, 07 September, 2015, 14.00-16.00

Registration 13.30-14.00


The Institute for Security & Development Policy and The Sweden-Japan Foundation are honored to invite you to a seminar on the changing security situation in East Asia and its effects on the business climate in the region. Head speaker of the event will be Mr. Tanaka Hitoshi, former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and now Chairman of the Institute for International Strategy at the Japan Research Institute, Ltd. (Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group).

Seventy years have passed since the ending of World War II. Since then, especially in the last ten years, business has been booming in Asia, but with a changing security situation comes new challenges. Japan is one of few countries which has not engaged in war during the post-war period, but has instead developed a strong democracy, and a fruitful investment climate. However, accusations are now being heard that Japan is again on a path towards militarism and nationalism.

Similarly, China has gone through remarkable development, creating a vibrant market economy and lifting hundreds of millions of its citizens out of poverty and into prosperity. In spite of this, historical and territorial issues have recently given birth to questions about the future security environment in East Asia and its effects on the economy of the region and the world.

This seminar aims to discuss the situation emerging in East Asia. Will tensions in East Asia increase? How will the development affect the international business and investment climate? What is the risk of political and military tensions having a negative impact on free trade negotiations in Asia?

Mr. Tanaka Hitoshi is an internationally renowned scholar and diplomat, who, as well as holding the position as deputy foreign minister, has been Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau (2001–02) and of the Economic Affairs Bureau (2000–01) within the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He has published a number of books and articles in Japanese and English, not least a contribution to the informative book “Reimagining Japan” (McKinsey 2011), as well as numerous contributions to the online magazine East Asia Insights (http://www.jcie.or.jp/insights).

Ms. Kristina Sandklef is an independent China economist currently running her own consultancy. She has previously been Asia economist at East Capital, Senior Advisor at Ericsson, and China analyst at the Swedish Armed Forces.

Dr. Lars Vargö is former Swedish Ambassador to Japan (2011-14) and South Korea (2006-11). He holds a Ph.D. in Japanese studies (history) from the University of Stockholm (1982) and a major in sinology from Uppsala University.

Photo credit: Flickr user thinkpanama

Location: Wenström Room, IVA Conference Center. Grev Turegatan 16, 114 46 Stockholm. For a map, please follow this link.

To attend: RSVP to Ms. Lisa Bäckman at news@isdp.eu