At the intersection of South Asia, North East Asia and South East Asia, and undergoing multiple transition processes simultaneously, Myanmar is an area of interest to business, academic and policy circles alike. Recent developments in the country, including, but not limited, to the 2015 elections, have elicited positive reactions from Myanmar citizens and the international community alike. Nevertheless, much remains to be done to ensure sustainable, inclusive and long-term progress. Supporting locally-owned solutions will be required for the success and sustainability of all transition processes; political, economic and peace.

Building on a long history of engagement with Myanmar, ISDP actively supports many aspects of Myanmar’s ongoing transitions, particularly related to peace and politics. ISDP works with a diverse set of local partners around Myanmar on peace process related topics and issues through supporting capacity building workshops, undertaking research and supporting dialogue between key stakeholders.

ISDP is grateful to have received funding from the European Union in support of its work in Myanmar.


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