Improved ROK-Japan Relations, How Far and How Important? Recording of the webinar available online

February 24, 2023:  The recording of the webinar “Improved ROK-Japan Relations, How Far and How Important?” is now available on ISDP’s YouTube channel.

The purpose of this webinar was to discuss recent developments in South Korean and Japanese relations. How likely is a continuance of this development, and what potential effects could it have on regional developments in terms of stability and security?


  • What can we expect looking ahead, a continuation of closer cooperation or some form of leveling out?
  • Given the deteriorating security situation, may both countries try to decouple security-related cooperation from the difficult historic relations?
  • What possible actions could both countries pursue to mitigate the public and political opposition to closer relations?
  • What would the role of the U.S. be in this process?
  • Is the creation of a more formal trilateral missile defense structure the logical next step?
  • What would closer cooperation look like, and may we even envisage a more formal trilateral defense and security cooperation?
  • How would China and DPRK react to improved security cooperation between ROK and Japan?

Speakers: Mr. Heino Klinck, Dr. Lim Eunjung, Professor Narushige Michishita
Moderator: Mats Engman

Here you can find more information about the webinar and the speakers.