Sangsoo Lee in The Japan Times on South Korea’s defense industry and how Yoon’s low approval ratings affect the foreign policy

August 5, 2022: Sangsoo Lee, Head of the Stockholm Korea Center, was quoted in The Japan Times on the topics of South Korea’s growing defense industry and how Yoon’s low approval ratings affect South Korea’s foreign policy.

“This is why Sangsoo Lee, head of the Stockholm Korea Center at the Institute for Security and Development Policy, believes Seoul will also focus on developing new missile and space technologies, particularly after the U.S. lifted its missile restrictions on South Korea last year, as well as on emerging dual-use technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more advanced semiconductors.” Here you can read the whole article.

“People expected the Yoon government to be different from that of his predecessor, as he stressed the importance of law and justice, as well as of communicating with those who disagree with its policies,” said Sangsoo Lee.

“However, South Koreans have been disappointed, particularly after several high-ranking officials — most of them close to the president — turned out to be involved in corruption scandals or other illegal acts. Liberal-minded citizens, especially the younger generations, are tired of this type of political appointments,” he said. You can read the whole article here.