Filip Borges Månsson is a student from Stockholm University, who through his studies in political science has been welcomed as an intern at ISDP’s Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs.

Filip has since 2020 studied at Stockholm University, in which through his interests in History and security studies was determined to achieve a bachelor’s degree in “History and Political Science”.

In accordance with Stockholm University’s faculty of political science and civics, Filip Studied for a term at University of Warsaw, in which he attended courses such as Security Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region, China in International Relations, Asymmetric Threats, as well as US National Security Studies.

As the interest of security studies successively grew, Filip decided to write his Bachelor’s “From non-alignment to a principle of solidarity: A qualitative analysis of Sweden’s attitude towards military/strategic alliances“ about the Swedish security Polity through a comprehensive analysis of the Swedish government’s stance towards NATO, NORDEFCO and EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) between 2015-2023. By examining differences in attitudes towards the respective alliances through the application of alliance theory within the timeframe, one is presented with a unique perspective on Swedish security polity, which is concluded to underscore the Swedish government’s emphasis on collective defence, cooperation, regional stability, and deterrence against aggression.

The general interest in security studies has provided Filip with an excellent opportunity to broaden his knowledge within this field as an intern here at ISDP.

Publications by Filip Borges Månsson