Professor Michael Goodsite is a Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at ISDP and ISDP’s contact in Australia. Substantively he is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Adelaide where he is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Energy Futures).

His interests are in modern energy systems and meeting their mineral needs in an environmentally sustainable manner. He frequently is called to advise on EU and Nordic initiatives on matters related to energy, climate change, and the Arctic environment and collaborates with ISDP on arctic security issues related to the environment and mineral resources.

Professor Goodsite has collaborated with ISDP since 2010. He holds a B.Sc. In Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, from the University of Southern Denmark an MBA in global management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Ph.D. in Environment and Climate from the University of Copenhagen (KU).

Quote from Professor Goodsite: “I am very honoured and excited to collaborate with ISDP on Arctic issues with local to global impact”

Photo credit: Adelaide University

Publications by Michael Evan Goodsite