Pacific Islands

The Pacific Ocean not only serves as a vital link of people, goods, and technology between Australia, the Americas, and Asia, but is also home to the Pacific Islands – from Papua New Guinea to the West to French Polynesia to the East. Not least since the global debate on climate change and its effects has gained traction have the island countries taken centre stage. Apart from facing potentially devastating environmental, social, and political consequences as a result, the region is also increasingly finding itself in the middle of an intensifying geopolitical power competition.

The Pacific Islands Project aims to provide a platform for knowledge-building and debate on the multi-faceted challenges the island countries are likely to face. Based on the premise that raising awareness forms an integral part of improving understanding, the project will place particular emphasis on bridging the knowledge gap between local experiences and a growing European interest in the region. Through in-depth research and the facilitation of dialogue, ISDP actively contributes to raising awareness and improving understanding of the most pressing challenges the Pacific Islands face now and in the future.

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