Sino-Nordic Arctic Policy

With no signs of slowing, the warming of both the atmosphere and the oceans due to climate change is leading to a reduction in the amount of snow and ice in the Arctic. Not just affecting the natural world, a shinking polar ice cap presents new prospects for new trade routes and increased ease of access to the Arctic’s natural resources. Comprehensive and coordinated efforts are all necessary to balance the negative effects of climate change overall. However, as the nature of the world’s involvement in the Arctic is fundamentally shifting, a new set of policy and security challenges emerge. With very few mechanisms in place for managing potential challenges in this new Arctic milieu, inter-state conflict and contest are just around the corner.

The Sino-Nordic Arctic Policy Program (SNAPP) aims to fill this void as a collaborative platform for research and discussion that will enable our partner organizations in China and Europe to mutually research and explore strategies, policy options and security concerns regarding the Arctic. By defining current arrangements, and identifying potential areas of cooperation, ISDP seeks to serve as a proactive and preemptive conflict management platform which creates a safe realm for dialogue between China and Europe regarding energy, security and policy concerns in the Arctic.

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