Furthering an EU-India Supply Chain Connect in the Indo-Pacific


The globalized economic world order has promulgated a widespread cause and effect impact. As a consequence, the onset of the Ukraine crisis will not only spike oil and gas prices across the world —disrupting energy supply chains — but also have gross ramifications on other critical global value chains ranging from wheat and barley to minerals like copper and nickel. Securing global supply chains to limit the adverse impact of the crisis will therefore be the need of the hour, and as the focal point of global economic activity, the Indo-Pacific will once again lie at the centre of such dynamics. What role can India and the EU, with its recent commitment to the Indo-Pacific and long held deep rooted economic interests in the region, play in securing regional supply chains? How will the EU’s New Industrial Strategy be useful in this regard, and how can it work in sync with existing actors in the region and their ventures including the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative?


This piece is part of the ISPI (Institute for International Political Studies) publication “Asia & Europe Initiative. Stability and Security in the Indo-Pacific”, which you can find here.

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