India’s Cyber Security Policy: Strategic Convergence and Divergence with Quad


The rise in cyber-attacks across the Indo-Pacific and beyond has necessitated a robust and a common approach towards cyber-resilient information infrastructure in the region. The Quad has taken a good leadership role in this regard through the Joint Cyber Principles of Quad Cybersecurity Partnership. India has had a cyber-security policy since 2013 and has since been working to mitigate cyber threats at source. A nodal cyber-security agency, a strong regulatory framework, a center for protection of critical infrastructure, periodic audits, have all successfully built a strong cyber-security architecture in the country. The cyber-security policy of India shares many common principles with the Quad Joint Cyber Principles. India’s already existent cyber-security architecture can help realize some of the Quad goals like that of sharing of intelligence across agencies and a collective cyber-security workforce. This issue brief analyzes the magnitude of cyber threats in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly within the Quad nations, the convergence and divergence of India’s cyber-security policy with that of Quad and the importance of a shared cyber-security goal among the Quad nations.

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