Webinar Report: ISDP-KIIP Virtual Symposium on Climate Change

A landscape with mountains and wind turbines and the sunset in the background

On November 25-26, 2021, ISDP and the Kajima Institute of International Peace jointly organized a symposium on “Renewable Energy and Climate Cooperation:
A Case for Sweden and Japan” and brought together expertise from both Japan and Sweden with decision-makers from both the public and private spheres, to facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions about renewable energy and climate cooperation between the two countries.

The online symposium addressed the following questions in particular:

How can Japan and Sweden capitalize on their strengths to contribute to global climate action and the transnational regulatory agenda to tackle climate change?

What are the ways in which public-private partnerships can help take forward climate action?

What roles can the private sector play in mitigating climate change? What are the opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between the private sector of Japan and Sweden?

ISDP acknowledges the generous support and partnership with KIIP.


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