Seoul in India’s (new) middle order convergence

Journal Article February, 2023, Asian Politics and Policy, 15(1), 2023, pp. 83–97.

As both India and South Korea build their ties on the basis of democratic partnership and ASEAN centrality, the need for Seoul to emerge as a strong partner in India’s Indo‐Pacific initiatives is vital. India’s quest for a more serious multilateral network is continuously growing in the security sphere, and Korea’s induction in the same via the “Plus” framework of the quadrilateral hints at the potential for successful connections with other multilateral frameworks or bodies like the AIIB to balance economic assistance and development. Ultimately, the natural upgradation of India‐South Korea relations relies intensely upon the degree to which Seoul will embrace the Indo‐Pacific account that India’s AEP is pitching. The merging of soft and hard power by the middle and rising power is critical to India to ensure a rules‐based international order; finding a formal place for Seoul in its Indo‐Pacific prism must emerge as a necessary focus of New Delhi.

Read this research article by Jagannath Panda at the Asian Politics & Policy (Wiley: 2023).

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