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Looking to expand your business in Eurasia? Confronted with political barriers? Lacking the regional networks?

The Institute for Security & Development Policy (ISDP) is a Stockholm-based research and policy organization providing strategic analysis and practical solutions to assist businesses in achieving their goals. ISDP provides its corporate members with the tools to adapt and respond to an increasingly complex global business environment. Our strong in-country, regional and international networks enable us to offer critical analysis, detailed evaluation and pragmatic recommendations to private sector actors. As part of our Corporate Program, your company will have access to a multitude of services and receive recommendations that are developed in collaboration with policymakers, experts and stakeholders in each area.

Tap into our network

ISDP has been working in Eurasia for more than a decade. In this time, we have built up an outstanding network, comprised of civil society, government and military actors. Our network is alive and constantly expanding, and it reaches deep into the most remote corners of our focus countries. By joining ISDP’s Corporate Program, you gain access to our bespoke network, including its influence, knowledge and reach, giving your company the edge it needs to succeed.

Reaching far

ISDP’s region of expertise stretches from Eastern Europe, through Central and South Asia, all the way to Northeast Asia. Our institute has unique insight and knowledge of the countries within our focus regions, but has particular expertise in Myanmar, The Korean Peninsula, China, Japan, India, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

What can we do for you?

Risk Analysis

Deep and comprehensive analysis of a number of fast-growing global economies and developing states. We provide you with valuable information and advice that will aid your organization’s ability to effectively navigate ever changing environments. 

Political Forecasting

Gain unique insights with a bespoke report series tailored to your regional strategies. Our reports are built on rigorous research and concise analysis giving you objective assessments that help shape your broader decision-making.

Relations & Network Building

Connect with an array of experts, policy-makers, military staff and academics from around the world. We bridge the gap between the academic and policy fields to the corporate frontier.

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