Southeast Asia

ISDP has a growing interest in Southeast Asia regarding development and security related issues as well as policy and research. The region houses a highly complex political environment, is a home to high rates of economic development, significant inequality and critical security challenges. Located geographically at the intersection of many strategic routes, what happens in the region directly affects political and economic relations globally. In-depth research and understanding are required to identify the best policy approaches to these potential opportunities and challenges.

Since 2007, ISDP has deepened its ties with think tanks and research agencies across Southeast Asia. Through this network, ISDP seeks to enhance understanding of issues affecting Southeast Asia in Europe and Asia alike, through joint research and cooperation. Key to ISDP’s work on Southeast Asia is the Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs. The work of ISDP in the region is focused on supporting peace and stability, and the study of non-traditional security challenges, such as environmental issues and transnational threats.

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