Renewable Energy and Climate Action: The Future of Japan and Sweden Cooperation

Special Paper September, 2022

This joint publication of the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP) and Kajima Institute of International Peace (KIIP) in Tokyo covers a solution-oriented approach to Climate Challenges that both Japan and EU/Sweden confront at large. This study covers many critical areas such as renewable energy, climate practices and the role of technology to mitigate climate challenges. Additionally, this Special Paper analyses the Climate change mitigation efforts which may lead to conflicts among countries. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis have strongly reminded the world of this point. In particular, (1) the reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the spread of renewable energy sources, (2) the monopoly of rare metals and rare earths, and (3) nationalistic green industrial policies are likely to have a significant impact on the global geopolitical power structure. If some countries use climate change as an excuse to push through nationalism, it may even lead to military conflicts, another serious tragedy to this planet. National leaders should clearly recognize that climate change actions and international peace could be mutually contradictory goals. Japan and the EU/Sweden should work together to systematically analyze the situation and stand up to the new challenge.

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